ASP .NET Hosting web applications are classically made and tested in a local environment. These are only released to the production environment when the testing results are already good. It can be deployed to any kind of web server wherein the .NET Framework and Internet Information Services (IIS) are installed. With this, you can already host a site from your own desktop. If you have the right internet connection and the adequate knowledge, hosting a website and using would be just a breeze.

For you to find the right hosting provider, you should first understand what hosting is for.

Web applications

Web applications are actually designed and tested in a development environment. This environment is accessible only to the programmers who work on the site. When the application is finally released based on the test results, it will then be moved to the production environment. This way, the application will then be accessed by any users in the Internet. However, you should mindful with the application problems brought about by this system.

  • You should first know that a production environment must exist. It should be setup properly before you can actually use an ASP. NET application. This production environment should continually be updated for better security.
  • There should also be a complete and total copy of the correct set of markup files, code files and other support files. These can be copied from the development environment into the production environment. However, special consideration should be given to data-driven applications. .

The ASP.NET Deployment Process

In simple terms, deploying an ASP.NET application actually involves thee important steps. First is that you have to configure the specific web application, web server and database in the production environment. Next is that you have to synchronize the pages, code files, HTML-relate support and JAVA Files. Aside from these, you may also need to synchronize database schema and data.

An Overview of the ASP.NET Deployment Process

Deciding your Host Provider

You should know for a fact that ASP.NET development web server accepts local connections and thus it cannot be used in a production environment. So before you can decide which web host provider you will deploy your site, you must first determine which company offers you greater capabilities. There are actually many web hosting companies in the market.

Most ASP.Net Companies usually offer shared hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans. To give you an idea, a shared hosting plan, the web server can host multiple sites at once. However, with dedicated hosting, you need to lease hardware from your provider so that you can singly host your own site. Usually, shared hosting plans have pages support. It may also provide you with support for ASP.NET pages as well as access to the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database server.

Additionally, you may also receive 10 GB of disk space with shared hosting as well as 250 GB of monthly bandwidth.

What to consider

In finding the right hosting provider, you need to consider tow important things. First is service. This means that when you have a question about any of the services provided, you must have to contact the company any time. It is necessary that you will get all the help in a timely manner. Some companies won’t answer your questions after office hours. So, it is important that your service provider is able to address your concerns 24/7. A better way is to look for a provider with phone support so that even if there is no Internet connection, you’ll get what you need.

Many businesses actually prefer to outsource their hosting to a web host provider. Since, the whole process of production for the ASP.Net web applications is really complicated, it is necessary to seek assistance from web host providers in managing and hosting your site. Though it is still possible to host ASP.NET Websites on your personal computer, it is better to have a web host provider. But if you decide to host it on your own, you need to have higher bandwidth and storage options.

Important factors in choosing the best ASP.NET hosting site are the following: customer support and satisfaction and price factor. It is necessary that you will get the best support even at the most affordable price. It is also important to get the one with excellent uptime statistics and technical support.