cPanel Hosting

cPanel Web Hosting

Plenty of companies are searching for the best way to manage their websites. Cpanel web hosting is one way to be able to manage websites and content with ultimate ease. People who may need cpanel web hosting services can certainly benefit with the help of professional services. DotNet247 provides best professional Cpanel services with hundreds of plan options to choose from.

What is cPanel Web Hosting?

cPanel is based on a Unix program that helps integrate website management needs. Web hosting control panel allows you to use a graphical interface and automates all the tools for your website management. Moreover, this uses a 3 tier structure to manage all the needs for admins, resellers, and end-users to be able to simultaneously manage the website using a regular web browser.

Cpanel web hosting is perfect for any website, this transcends the kind of business that you have or whether you are a large or a small company. Because of its made features cpanel web hosting can easily automate the tasks that are rather difficult to cover if you are using different hosting services. Business can certainly take advantage in DotNet247’s professional cpanel web hosting services because there is nothing more that managers or owners have to worry about. You can even get an integrated cpanel matrix for several websites that you want to host.

Advantages of Cpanel Web Hosting

There are plenty of advantages if you choose to use cpanel for your web hosting services. Most websites on the Internet prefer to use cPanel Web Hosting services for their websites because they are able to enjoy benefits that is not available in other hosting programs.

Furthermore, DotNet247 ensure that you can trust these cPanel hosting providers to help you with all your business requirements.

Designed for Everyone

Business owners can easily get frustrated when they do not have control over their websites. The market that the World Wide Web provides is enormously big that even local services around the world now have websites. The accessibility that the Internet provides is undeniable so most businesses around that world have taken their places on the Internet.

cPanel web hosting offers what even beginners will be able to understand when it comes to website management. A lot of business owners are worried about the outcome of their websites; cPanel web hosting eliminates the need to use difficult webhosts.

cPanel web hosting service includes an easy to access and easy to use GUI or graphical user interface. Here you will be be able to do anything with just a click of a button. No need to enter elaborate or coded commands for your websites to change even a simple color theme.

Some of the things that you can do on your cPanel include changing username and passwords, changing language, adding and editing domains, managing site redirection, and managing an integrated emailing service.

Ease of Use

cPanel is a simple and easy tool that anyone with basic web knowledge can use. cPanel web hosting is straightforward with easy drop down menus, buttons, and check boxes. Most website owners find this the most advantageous feature of a cPanel web hosting service. In order to use your cPanel you will only need an Internet connection and a web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You can change anything and everything that you want without assistance from your web hosting service provider.

Another advantage is that you can easily use third party services together with your cPanel. This means you can easily install the things that you need for your cPanel like WordPress, osCommerce, and php forums.

Secured System and Backup

To enhance your experience, cPanel also includes a Backup Wizard, where you can store your data easily. You will never have to worry about losing important company or business information again. cPanel web hosting also sees to it that the best website security is provided. It allows username and password protection to protect against unwanted online entry.

You can choose which information you want your website visitors to access with ease. You can also enjoy protection of images and content using cPanel web hosting.

Ranking and Statistics

If you are planning to play the Internet race, then cPanel is your best tool to keep updated with the statistics. You can easily see different information about the website usage and interaction using the cPanel. See how many error logs, visitors, bandwidth size tracking and many more.

Email Management

If you plan to integrate all your emails, then cPanel is something to look into. You can easily set up company emails using this web hosting service provider. The tools are easy to use, reduce the number of spam, and allows email filtering.

There are many more features that you can enjoy with cPanel web hosting. If you plan to this service for your website, then you can also easily hire a professional to help you start off the whole process. DotNet247, provides the best choices, with the hundreds of cPanel Web hosting companies available in the listings.