Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is used for creating and maintaining websites which involve huge databases. This is ideal for corporate or ecommerce websites. If your site includes thousands of pages, videos, bulky pictures and shopping cart, dedicated hosting is the best option. Common sites use virtual servers but with extensive sites, sharing would never be a good idea. This type of hosting will give you an entire server for you to use exclusively. In choosing a dedicated server hosting plan, you need to consider the power supervision capacity, back up, security and other maintenance processes for your data center. It is necessary for you to find a good host to prevent future problems.

What is a Dedicated Server?

In plain and simple terms, a dedicated server allows you to own an entire hosting server. As what its name suggests, the server is dedicated wholly to your site. In other words, you do not share it with some other entity in a private server or hosting account. So, getting a dedicated hosting account means renting out that particular server for your sole use. You can exclusively take advantage of all the available resources offered like management processes, hardware performance and capabilities and all other specifics expected from a web host server.

What Can Dedicated Hosting Do For You?

People usually opt for dedicated hosting because it can give you full command over your entire web-hosting server. Any dedicated hosting plan will provide you with the tools needed in the management of your server. This includes performance and output despite the fact that the actual hardware might be in another location. The main benefit of having full administrative control is that you have the freedom to do the following things:

  • Choose which software items to install
  • Approve user accounts
  • Decide on what coding languages to work with

Full administrative power will give you much authority in deciding and installing a new website especially if it is for business purposes. In contrast with sharing, you do not need to conform to standards because you have the entire server by yourself.

Why get a dedicated Server?

You might be actually wondering why you need to get one. So by looking at your daily Internet usage, you will be able to know if you actually needed a dedicated hosting service. If you are operating an ecommerce website and you have at least 3,000 visitors every day, this is a good sign that you need to get a dedicated hosting plan. More so if your current hosting service cannot handle your visitors anymore and you’re always down for maintenance, then getting an exclusive one is the best solution.

In technical terms, storage space, RAM and the bandwidth you get from a shared or virtual server cannot keep up anymore with the number of visitors of your site. If your site processing is comparative to that of a large scale website, shared servers can never keep up with your needs. So if you have thousands of clients shopping and checking out every minute or hour, surely, shared hosting is your worst nightmare.

What are your options?

Now that you have identified the need to rent or own your dedicated server, the next step is to know your options.  There are actually different types of dedicated hosting services available in the Internet. However, you should know that there are limited notable differences between the two.

  • Managed Dedicated Servers

When you get a managed dedicated server, this means that it is still maintained by the webhost firm. So, the firm is still responsible for maintenance issues. For example, if your server lags down, you will have nothing to do with the routine maintenance and hardware troubleshooting. This is specifically beneficial for those who do not have the right technical skills in repairing hardware failures and maintaining complex web databases. But the only problem is that, you may lose full control over your site.

  • Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

This is the exact opposite of the other type. It is in its rawest form which means that you’ll be renting or owning the hardware and nothing more. In terms of price, this type of server is cheaper. This is ideal for those highly technical in setting up and troubleshooting both hardware and software. So, you will do all the routine maintenance, system upgrades and other specifics in hosting and server technology. Most companies who use this type of server have their own IT department.

Why upgrade to a dedicated server?

You have to think about many factors before finally deciding on whether you need an upgrade or not. To help you decide, you can answer the following questions:

  • Are you operating an ecommerce or online shopping business?
  • Do you process thousands of orders every day?
  • Is your current hosting system frequently go under maintenance?
  • Do you experience low performance in terms of order processing?
  • Are your sales already affected with the poor performance of your hosting service?

What’s in Store For You with Dedicated Web Hosting

Web hosting is very common nowadays. Website owners use these services because it is proven to be very effective. However, it takes a great effort to find competitive and result oriented web hosting sites. Looking for the top and the best web hosting service is about finding the most suited web host that would meet all your demands, needs and other factors.

One name that you can trust is DotNet247. Some web hosting services settles in choosing one of those many web hosting firms that everyone is offering. Featuring not just dozens but hundreds of web hosts and even web host reviews that are highly rated worldwide. The website has more than a hundred of hosting categories which are unique and are arranged in a very convenient way, so any visitor could visit without difficulty. They have categorized their services for more convenience.

Finding Dedicated Webhosting Services

DotNet247 offers low rate services without compromising the quality. You will be able to find collections of cheap but dedicated hosts in their list. You can find reliable hosts for IDM, Windows and Unix and many more in their collection since the premium custom level hosts are easily seen through browsing the features that can be seen together with its host provider. The company is dedicated to offering its customer the most reliable server web resources with matching administrative entrée that fit your hosting requirements.

The company includes only those providers that are dedicated and proven to provide quality hosting server plans. These web hosts give you access to the administrator and many server resources. Furthermore, you can also find in their list of web hosts the latest web server that you can rent and also you can find improved web servers in their list. These improved web servers come with guarantee and service agreements. Also, you can find cheap but dedicated hosting in the site. You can stumble with many opportunities when it comes to discount and unlimited and full-service server hosting in this company.

In DotNet247, you can browse their list that is full of features. You can find options for technical support, IPv4s, bandwidth and many more. They offer shared web hosting, a service that is considered to be the most known kind of web hosting. Shared web hosting is a type of service where customers share one server. It’s practically cheaper than other services and very easy to use.

They also offer dedicated hosting, which means that, the clients have access to a whole server and all the resources that the server has are dedicated to the personal use of the clients. This service is very flexible and can be customized. The client can choose a variety of software and hardware specifications depending on their needs. One advantage of this service is that it can guarantee quality performance since the clients do not have to share the resources to anyone. This implies that the customer has the full control of the service.

Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

One of the reasons why you should choose dedicated web hosting is that you get the optimum performance for your websites. Dedicated Web hosting services are perfect for medium to large scale business where several operations may take place at the same time. With dedicated web hosting plans you get unlimited resources in terms of your bandwidth and memory. Your web visitors will most likely experience smooth and quick operations from your website.

If you are operating using an elaborate website, dedicated web hosting will help ensure that you can create and upgrade your website plug-ins. This means you can customize all your websites as much as you can. Whatever kind of tools you have you can clearly add them to the business website that you have. Lastly, the best advantage that you can get with a dedicated web hosting plan is the unique IP address allowing traffic to be routed with better speeds.

The company also offers reselling hosting wherein the client is allowed to be a web host himself. The client or customer could have his own virtual dedicated server. In addition, the company also offers cloud hosting service, the latest type of hosting which gives customers access to scalable, powerful and very reliable hosting.

As mentioned, you can find many services in their list that is very useful for you. There is VPS or virtual private servers which are type of service wherein the customers share the server hardware with other clients, but there is a specialized virtualization technology that divides the server. This means that every partition has its dedicated resources on its own.

DotNet247 presents their services thoroughly like the dedicated hosts and many more. With their organized and convenient site, you would surely find new dedicated server that are less expensive but is very helpful for your own business.