Email Hosting

What is email hosting?                                                                         

Email hosting has become a very important commodity now. With the increasing demands for email services and millions of people sending and receiving email messages every day, email hosting was offered to keep up with the changing trends. Moreover, this type of hosting is very popular for companies. Email is usually a very powerful tool for marketing. This way, they can gain new customers and send information, new offers and promos to their valued clients through email. So, companies who are actually using email for their business need large server resources.

Email hosting in a technical sense is a potentially large enterprise. It helps companies to perform email functions for their customers. The basic functions referred to are sending and receiving email. So, when a company decides to provide email hosting, it should maintain the security and confidentiality of the clients’ email accounts. That is the main reason why finding a reliable host is necessary

Who uses email hosting?

Email hosting is often utilized by small to large companies. More so, this is also provided by popular companies like Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft. In terms of providing email hosting services, these companies are engaged in the business because for them, hosting is a stepping stone for users to sign up for more services. For example, Yahoo offers email hosting so that users may take advantage of the other services it offers.

For large companies like Yahoo and Google, email hosting services are usually for free. But, this is for a very limited suite of services. If you want more complex systems and comprehensive services most especially storage, you have to pay more. Some smaller companies also offer free email hosting. You don’t need to worry; you incredibly have thousands of options to choose from.

How it works

Email hosting traditionally uses web-accessed email programs or sites. So the traditional email use you might have known is uncommon in this system. The usual practice of actually going online to read or download email messages and answering them offline but connecting again to the internet to send them is impossible in Web-accessed email.  However, users will experience a great deal of flexibility with web-accessed email. You won’t get tied up with your own PC’s just because your downloaded emails are stored there. With email hosting, all you need is an Internet connection. Even if you are not using your own device, you can still access all your emails.

More information about email hosting

A good email hosting provider may be difficult to find among the many choices you have. So, if you are someone who use your own domain email, hosting services can do the right thing for you. Furthermore, businesses that are just setting up a website and are looking for proper web hosting, you might as well include a good email solution. This is very important these days since customer communication usually transpires through email. Especially if you are running an online shopping business, it would be best if your customers can contact you through email.

Email hosting is not only limited to business websites. Even private website owners can avail of it. If you have a user friendly account attached to your domain, your site will become very accessible and useful to readers. You will not experience slow webmail platforms and other complex account preferences.

Functions of Email hosting

When shopping for an email hosting provider, you should know what to look for and what its functions are. Most email hosting firms offer you premium email systems which work well with the following:

Ø  Email configuration

Ø  Provide you with many email accounts

Ø  Domain name management which can be used as your company’s email address

Ø  Authentication of email for subsets within your own domain name

Ø  Identification and direction of incoming email based on name systems

Primarily, the main duty of an email hosting provider revolves around the management and operation of all your email servers. You don’t have to think about server hardware and even OS service packs plus software upgrades, the email hosting firm can do all these for you.

With an email hosting services you can get a standard  POP3, IMAP or SMTP email based on open source email server applications. These applications ensure that you work well with standard email clients such as MS Outlook and many more. You can also get anti-virus protection and spam filtering in a package.