Enterprise Hosting

What is enterprise web hosting?

Enterprise hosting is one of the common types of hosting sought after by many web developers. It is actually easy to define. With the name itself, you will know that enterprise hosting is used to define a dedicated server or a shared server which people can buy. In looking for the right enterprise host, you need to find these characteristics:

• In terms of Security, your enterprise host should make sure that all data transferred within your system or your website is completely secure and safe. Enterprise host should also make sure that they have a team dedicated to monitor the security of the network to prevent any attacks.
• Another factor is scalability. Any enterprise host should be able to upgrade the system. In fact when you talk about scalability, your enterprise host should be able to put up even another system for you to use in case there is significant increase in traffic.
• The third important characteristic is availability. You should ascertain that the network must always be up and running so that your users and clients can access and use your site any time.
• The next thing is performance. Your network as well as the computer’s running efficiency rate should be high. It should be set up for maximum performance.
• Lastly, reliability should be a priority. A network that is reliable has backup power supplies to prevent any downtime.

Why enterprise hosting?

Enterprise hosting is recommended for anyone who relies on their server for their website, data and other web means. There are actually different forms of enterprise servers that come in different plans and price. But, if your business will solely rely on this type of server, you may need to make sure that the criteria stated above are met.

What you must look for in an enterprise host?

This actually depends on the specific needs of your site. But at minimum, you should make sure that the enterprise host you are dealing with has a direct contact person you can talk to in case technical issues come up. The main reason for this is that you may need someone who will take responsibility if ever your server goes down. Especially if your server plays a very critical role in your business, technical and customer support is needed. Though there are some hosting providers that have email support, talking to someone over the phone is more gratifying and assuring. Your issues must be resolved in real time and in a very prompt manner.

If your server is really very important to your business, getting the right enterprise host is very crucial. You will need to connect with several or multiple routes so that you will get the right services for your specific needs. You must also take into consideration the host’s ability to upgrade the software.
When do you need to get an enterprise host?

If you need a server with good security, scalability, availability and reliability, then you should find an enterprise host right away. Enterprise hosting has the ability to add hardware, servers, software and other time sensitive details. Any purchaser of an enterprise hosting package can also personalize or customize the services. Moreover, when you feel that you need to talk to a dedicated personnel about your servers, an enterprise host is a good idea.

Applications you can use in an enterprise hosting

Some of the software that can run on an enterprise host are CRM, Real Media streaming for audio and videos, ERP, Enterprise MS SQL and several other pieces of software. One of the main objectives of an enterprise host is that the server can be easily upgraded and additional servers can be quickly added to handle the load.

It doesn’t mean that you have a business or an ecommerce; you should get an enterprise host. Remember that enterprise hosting package are in variable price ranges, so you must check them out before actually buying one. Enterprise hosts are specifically made for companies that need to move very quickly and get a lot of traffic. Your ecommerce site will need an enterprise host especially if it is already fast growing. If your business needs high ability to scale and quality performance, enterprise hosting can be the best option for you.