Linux Hosting

Linux Web Hosting – From Shared Hosting to Dedicated Servers

Linux web hosting, one of the most common hosting platforms that are utilized by professionals nowadays. From simple blogs that are managed by a few individuals, to huge social networking and E-commerce sites that are handled by companies. Most people that possess affinity with internet and websites will have already heard of Linux Hosting. Linux hosts offer packages ranging from cheap Linux hosting based on a shared hosting platform to dedicated Linux server hosting.

Linux web hosts and web hosting companies are somehow similar to UNIX web hosts; both are effective and functional. Not like UNIX, Linux web hosts are much preferred by webmasters and promoted by one of the top web hosting providers which is the DotNet247.

DotNet247 is the top directory for all web hosting service requirements. This web hosting service will allow you to choose among the best Linux web hosting services available online. While most reviews and web hosting directory sites only provide the biggest names in web hosting, DotNet247 shares new and even smaller web hosting sites but with a lot of promise.

What is Linux Web Hosting?

Linux Web Hosting is a website tool that allows a company to construct their web sites by the usage of Linux Operating System. With this platform as a tool for developing webs will supply the company will gain an absolute flexibility to take advantage of the top and famous open-source technologies like MySQL, XML, PHP and Python. Unix Operating System is the open-source variation of Linux Website Hosting.

Why choose Linux Hosting?

Most shared Linux hosting is based on Linux virtual server, a series of programs and modules that allow for the balancing of resources between two or more Linux servers. Professional webmasters choose Linux Web Hosting because it is affordable, reliable, provides a better performance, is easy to use, and provides a more secured environment compared to regular web hosting by Windows.

Affordable – The popularity of Linux hosting is constantly on the rise because of the low hosting prices and compatibility with major open source blogging, content management and E-commerce platforms. Therefore, even a smaller Linux host usually uses more than one physical Linux server along with Linux virtual server in order to provide stable hosting services especially as the number of their Linux server hosting customers grows.

Reliability- Dedicated Linux hosting, which makes a dedicated Linux server available to customers along with full professional support and management, is an ideal solution for webmasters and developers who need the control and reliability of a dedicated server without the inconvenience and expense of having to manage and monitor their servers. Therefore, more and more Internet professionals consider a dedicated Linux server package from a reliable Linux host to be the best Linux server package for their needs.

Better Performance – With Linux web hosting, you can gain free applications, you are also free to install any application or program you wish to put on your Linux server. This is an edge that some other based servers can’t do and will subsequently give you more flexibility, and end up gaining a better performance than before.

Easy to use – With the Linux web hosting having a prior programming knowledge with the basic computer concepts and information are sufficient enough to enable you to use tips and techniques of this program. With Linux web hosting creating domains, sub-domains and making email addresses much easier. All these great utilities are ready for you to use ensuring the infinite supply of web applications for assistance in achieving a great product.

Security of Linux Web hosting service – in comparison to any other windows based web hosting service, Linux is believed to provide a more secure environment. Considering that most Windows based web hosting service is the most popular among webmasters and regular users.

Using DotNet247 For Your Web Hosting Needs

Whether you are considering shared hosting or a dedicated Linux server package, it is important to make sure that the Linux web hosting service that you intend to use is ultimately eager to provide customers with the highest level of security as well as, the access to customer service and support.

Thanks to the affordable, reliable and easy to use Linux hosting platform, prices for even the most powerful dedicated Linux hosting packages are quite reasonable, and cheap Linux hosting is now available on shared servers for less than ever.

DotNet247 is a one stop shop where you can get some of the best Linux web hosting service companies to choose from. This website does not only provide you with the biggest names but also some smaller companies that provide good web hosting service. DotNet247 also have great reviews for each web hosting companies so you can be sure that you are getting the best for your website and your business.