Podcast Hosting

One of the major reasons why people are hesitant in making podcasts is on finding the right podcast hosting service. This is one area wherein only those computer and web skilled persons can efficiently do. In fact, some of them may still be confused on how to go about with podcast hosting. With all these negative comments about podcast hosting, providers have made their part in simplifying the options as much as possible.

What is a podcast?

Like blogs, podcasts also need an RSS feed to be syndicated. But don’t get too worried, there are many ways for you to keep your podcast running.

The first option you have is to take advantage of the several free podcast hosts online. There are a lot of options in creating free podcasts. The most popular ones are Blog talk Radio and Talk Shoe. These traditional options will only need you to sign up for an account and set up a live show. Some may even allow you to set up pre-recorded shows for your convenience in uploading your recordings. Other podcast hosting sites may even allow you to conduct live chats with your listeners. This way, you can interact with them in real time and they can ask questions and participate. Another traditional option is to set up a show player in your site wherein your customers can live stream your recording anytime.

The next free option is the non-traditional ones brought up by the emergence of high-tech gadgets and smart phones. These new ways include features of uploading or recording your audio and immediately broadcast them online through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

These free options actually have an RSS feed so people can essentially subscribe to anything you publish

Why the Free Service?

People will usually think that when you get a free service, you should expect lesser features. But there are actually a lot of advantages when you avail one. First, the service is absolutely free. So you just sign-up and you will have no problems about bandwidth costs. Second, most free services are very easy to set up. It is best recommended for beginners because you don’t have to be savvy to host your own podcast. Even though it is just a free service, providers can give you an opportunity to conduct live podcasts which is part of most free plans. With free services, everything is there. You don’t have to master any type of recording or editing programs.

Disadvantages of the Free service

Since it is only a free account, this means that the hosting provider has full control over your podcast. This means that they have the right to delete your podcast anytime at the whim of the site owners. So, the right thing to do is to get a copy of everything you make. Free hosts also add their audio branding so expect to have added phrases in your podcast or advertisements in some cases.

Aside from the free option, you can actually opt for the paid podcast hosting. This is recommended for those who needs more control over their podcasts. However, these paid podcasts are technically more complicated than the paid ones. You need to have knowledge on audio recording and editing. These paid sites can give you a manual or a step by step guide in using their system. The charges come in monthly fees depending on the size of your podcasts. Usually, you need to pay monthly. Payment is based on bandwidth costs.  The prices of podcast hosting are varied. Some may just charge a one-time start-up fee, others monthly.

Why Paid Hosting?

Paid hosting is beneficial because most of the highly technical stuff in creating raw podcasts is well taken care of. Paid hosting systems will handle all support and technical concerns. Plus, even if your podcasts gain a lot of traffic, you don’t need to pay additional bandwidth costs. The best benefit you can get from paid hosting is that you can create your podcast on your own domain. You can even manage it by tracking you stats.

The third option is hosting your own podcast. You can actually generate the RSS feed through programs like Feedburner. In WordPress blog, you can also generate it. You may also install a plug-in to your site so that RSS Will be generated. Self hosting has many benefits. First is that you have total control over your podcasts. You don’t have any monthly costs and you can personalize it anyway you want.